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Nikki & JD – Nikki Rummer and JD Broussé – are an award-winning acrobatic duo with a unique blend of skills in circus and contemporary dance. Since the beginning of their collaboration, they have sought to push and refine our use of hand-to-hand acrobatics, dance, and storytelling.

Their mission is to achieve strong storytelling while dancing what needs to be danced. They believe that acrobatics and movement are two ingredients that should support, and not distract, from the stories we
tell. With support from the Jerwood Choreographic Research Programme (JCRP II) in 2016-2017, they discovered new ways to combine hand- to-hand and dance within choreography. They continue to innovate with their acrobatics and movement to increase their usefulness in telling tales.

In 2016, their first show, Knot, premiered as a 20-minute piece at The Place’s Resolution festival, London, and was selected by Crying Out Loud to join a 2016 tour with the Circus Evolution Programme. Since then, Knot has been awarded a place at the prestigious CIRCa Festival in Auch (Oct 2017), and 2018 Avignon OFF Festival, France, as part of the Spotlight UK programme. In 2018, Knot was extended into a full-length piece and has received international acclaim in the UK, France, Canada, Japan, Korea, etc. Knot won several awards in Edinburgh in 2019: Jacksons Lane and Total Theatre Award for Circus, Herald Angel.

They have also performed with Barely Methodical Troupe in the company’s production, Kin, which premiered at the Roundhouse’s Circus Fest 2016. In 2019, they performed in Superfan’s Nosedive. Winner of Samuel Becket Award.

In 2021, Nikki Rummer and JD Broussé created their respective solo works, Unbroken and (le) Pain.

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