NoFit State Circus

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We celebrate the contradictions within ourselves and our work
Creating beautifulcarnage
And organisedanarchy
We embrace the human condition in all its dirtiness.

Created in 1986 by five friends, NoFit State is a community bound by a common passion and a collective journey. We work, travel, and love together, we put our lives in each other’s hands daily and it is this trust, this bond and this togetherness that gives our work its unique heart, soul and spirit.

We make stories without narrative – creating work that is poignant and poetic. We use largescale imagery, circus, live music, movement and innovative design. We invent worlds where the boundaries between the real and the imaginary, the possible and the impossible, become blurred, where the frontiers between artists and audiences are broken, where nothing is hidden and everything revealed.

We create work on all scales and deliver community and participatory projects alongside our professional performances.

We hope to inspire our audience to step out of themselves for a moment, have their dreams fed, their spirits nourished and for them to leave uplifted and perhaps stirred to challenge themselves and their world.

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