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‘For over 30 years, and with immense pleasure, we have been telling our ephemeral stories to people from near and far, convinced as we are that beauty can change the world.
Our shows are the reflection of our travels and of the human encounters that we have had the privilege of experiencing while making our way through the cities of the world.
Our theatre is that of our emotions, without compromise. We are the architects of our passion and we continue on our way…’

Oposito is a team venture; it is also the result of the complicity between Enrique Jimenez and Jean-Raymond Jacob which began in 1983, when Oposito transitionned from a collective of painters to a street theatre company. From one experience to another in an undeveloped artistic form, their complimentary skills have progressively grown, giving birth to a unique story in the world of street theatre.

With Jean-Raymond’s words and Enrique’s drawings they invented their own style which has become Oposito’s signature: an innovative and unexpected form of theatre. During the first ten years of their collaboration, they worked within Ile-de-France and gather an artistic team with real character. Today, their creations are performed all around the world and their activities continue to contribute to and enhance this contemporary artistic practice.

The company Oposito created, in 1996, the art centre Le Moulin Fondu, which became in 2010 national centre for street arts and arts in public space (CNAREP – Centre National des Arts de la Rue et de l’Espace public).

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