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Ponten Pie is a Catalan Company created and directed by the actor Sergi Ots. The Company was born as a platform for a collective of artists to create new performing arts projects. Their projects explore a new theatrical language and new ways to involve the spectator, using strong images and very few words.

We currently have 3 shows on tour: COPACABANA, Petit COPACABANA and ARTICA.

COPACABANA is a mixture of cabaret, live cooking and puppetry. The action is set inside of a restaurant, where the spectators will have a chance to taste a small amount of the delicious food cooked by the 3 main characters. It has been performed over 200 times in 12 countries since 2009, in 5 languages: Catalan, Spanish, English, French and Italian. It is designed for 70 spectators and best suited for a site specific location. But it can also be performed inside a theater. For all ages. Welcome to the COPACABANA restaurant!

Petit COPACABANA is the family version of COPACABANA where children get particularly involved in the action.

ARTICA is the latest creation. Presented in Fira Tarrega 2013 and winner of the Moritz Award, voted by 788 professionals over an online research after the Fira. The action is set inside a beautiful wooden shed where the temperature is very low. Hence the audience get to wear wonderful recycled coats. The show depicts a poetic and nostalgic world of memories. It fits 20 spectators, no text and has a duration of 45 minutes.

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