Pressure Company

Category: Artist

The Pressure Company present a unique genre of outdoor sound art & performance involving fire, electricity, milkbottles, frogs legs and other ingredients to create an exciting and accessible mix open to public participation and interactivity.

Shows available for tour include:

1.The Semi~Automatic Bandstand
A Steampunk Orchestra of surreal and marvelous musical machines housed in an Eclectic Bandstand.

2. Solo Works | Individual Instruments
> ‘Tonefloat’ – A Musical Milkfloat and dada battlewagon
> ‘Baboom’ – Metal Monkey Flame Organ
> ‘The Galvonium’ – 50,000v of Sonic Electricity

3. Ensembles | a Trio of instruments playing as a ‘Band’:
> ‘Sideman’ ~ the self-playing DrumMachine
> ‘BassCannon’ ~ a subsonic Flamethrower
> ‘Therabrain’, ~ an Aetherial Resonator.

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