Puppets with Guts

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We make extraordinary big puppets, animating public spaces with spectacular shows that illuminate contemporary society.
We transform communities through innovative puppet-led education and engagement projects to empower and energise people of all ages and backgrounds.
We specialise in puppetry commissioning and consultancy services for theatre, corporate events, television and film.

The company is made up of ambitious people striving for creative excellence. Based in Brighton & Hove, we have toured extensively both nationally and internationally.

From greenfield festivals and urban parades, to heritage attractions and town halls, botanic gardens, forests, theatres and film sets. Our shows excel at transforming spaces with our audacious and subversive style of performance.

Puppets with Guts seeks to mobilise and transform communities through high-impact creative engagement programmes that run parallel to the themes of our shows.

We work dynamically with communities, delivering interactive workshops where participants co-create objects, animate materials, explore creative practices and develop their skills. These activities can range from a one-off workshop through to long-term participatory programme and can take many forms. We always ensure our work is accessible and inclusive, listening closely to needs of a particular community or place and formulating opportunities for creative reflection, skills development and mutual celebration. We work closely with commissioners, stakeholders, community members and participants to ensure we deliver the educational curriculum or engagement programme that best suits your needs.

Puppets with Guts offers professional services in puppeteering, puppetry consultancy and puppet design and construction for theatre, events, television and film. With over fifteen years of experience creating high-quality puppetry work, our talented network of artists and performers combine cutting-edge making technology and highly-skilled performance to creatively realise your needs and ideas.


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The Lips by Puppets With Guts
Gnomus at Kew Gardens 2018
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Gnomus- KEW Gardens Time Lapse