R.M. Sánchez-Camus

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Marcelo is a UK-based creative practitioner and researcher interested in collaboration,
interaction, psychogeography, community wellbeing, and social systems. His arts practice
incorporates community co-design into installations, walks, text, and performance.
Recent work focuses on the building of support and exchange systems for artists working in
social art practice. Marcelo is the co-founder of Social Art Network and recently co-convened
the Social Art Summit in Sheffield leading to the world’s first Social Art Biennale. He has
extensive experience in arts & health with a focus on arts as a therapeutic intervention in the
dying process.
Marcelo’s commitment to social engagement and site-responsive work has led him to realise
diverse projects in the social sphere such as publishing Elan Calls a creative guide to a nature
reserve in Wales, tour The Print Shop: Rise Up! a pop-up DIY slogan printing space, and direct El
Tiempo Indómito a social circus show in Colombia about local culture. Other types of projects
include a kite symphony ballet, street parades, outdoor banners, site-specific performances,
sound installations, audio walks, and immersive theatre.
Project partners include Tate Exchange, Site Gallery, Freedom Festival, Artangel and People
United. Recent publications include Righting On Social Practice, Defining Praxis in Social
Engagement (Social Works 2018), Applied Live Art: Co-authorship in socially engaged site-
responsive performance practice (Lambert 2011) and End of Life Care: A Guide for Therapists,
Artists and Arts Therapists (Kingsley 2013).

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Our Videos

A documentary shot with the residents of the Laurels Care home is South London. Completed while working as a Community Artist as part of the Arts Team at St Christopher's Hospice. The Laurels care home shows a group of frail and elderly as well as dementia patients working together on art projects, sharing their life stories and filming their own surroundings. Living 24/7 in a care home at the end of their lives, the documentary became an outlet for shared emotions and experiences. Directed and edited by Roberto Sanchez-Camus, filmed in conjunction with the residents.
This is a documentary turned into a music video featuring the Colombia circus troupe Circolombia and their original song La Suizza. Circolombia developed the show Urban which details the lives of the participants in the company. All the members come from the circus school Circo Para Todos in Cali, Colombia. An inner-city initiative that gives under-privileged young people the opportunity to train in a circus academy and work internationally. Urban is currently touring the world, I joined them on their Rio de Janeiro stop for the 1st International Circus Festival, which took place in the favelas of Rio. A new initiative to bring arts and culture the what is now termed: 'comunidades pacificadas' or pacified communities. Directed, shot and edited by Roberto Sánchez-Camus
For Reasons Unknown.... a walk through Barking Library The final workshop presentation of an 8 week drama workshop series for adults presented at Barking Library. Supported by the Communities Can initiative of the Young Foundation