Category: Artist

Lines of the hand
genre: street theater-dance action with elastic
public: for all

Lines of the hand is a set of interacting with people who use large rubber bands to transform the urban space in an absurd, imaginary and imaginative place. A common character comes out of a site, measured the steps from here to there, beginning to build a resilient network, seek the help of the public, bounces when you try to change path, build human assembly lines and is seeking a world of absurdity just build.

Each day we leave home, go to the bus stop to work, then go back doing the reverse route: Lines of the hand plays with the lines we draw every day with our routine, transform the actions to a queue, sitting in a bank, walking in the street, tangles and turns back. The objective of this performance is to change, for a moment, our perspective, seek hidden irony in everyday life.

This procedure is inspired by the eponymous story by Julio Cortazar and plays with the idea of ​​changing our daily routine, we walked the line every day and look around us from different points of view.

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