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Reckless Invention specialise in street theatre. Our acts are inspired by our own professional work throughout Europe and at the UK’s largest festivals. We are constantly working with international practitioners and it is this exposure to exciting theatre forms that influences our work.

As theatre practitioners we also provide consultancy and training for theatre schools, community groups, corporate groups and a variety of professional groups. We provide corporate entertainment and produce community projects.

Our training and workshops are the product of extensive work with leading figures in theatre, circus, television and film.

Turbo Jonez and the Temple of Boom
Turbo Jonez is a Beats Archeologist. He’s in search of the ultimate phat beat to scratch. His quest takes the audience on a musical journey through time. The perilous road takes us through some of the most dangerous and hideous tracks of the 90’s 80’s 70’s 60’s, all the way back to that fool Mozart and his crew. It’s an endorphin rich soundtrack that assaults, teases, embraces, transforms and transports the audience through their own deep, secret memories of tunes that rock.

Comedy Waiters
These two comedy waiters use physical comedy and improvisation to animate their environment. Used as ‘plants’ they can slowly reveal their idiocy to great effect, adding calamity to calamity, resulting in a cascade of stupidity and all whilst serving your guests. Their surroundings are their playground; your guests are their audience.

Turbo and Dai – Turbo Jonez and Dai Llewellyn met whilst serving 20 hours community service each for crimes they did not commit. A classic case of triumph over adversity, they formed a breakdance crew.

The Golfers – These golfing characters recreate the game on your streets. They tee off with a full set of useable giant clubs aiming for the 18th hole. Watch the birdies, bogeys and pars as the squidgy golf balls are whacked into oblivion.

Pedalo – This amphibious pedalo has been cleverly adapted to take Mfanwy and Gfanwy to places where normal Pedalos cannot reach. It’s a 2 person peddle about with an oceanic theme. Now that’s for Rhyl.

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