Red Herring

Category: Artist

Red Herring was created in 2008 to produce high quality performance in public spaces, employing a style of intimate and direct engagement with audiences. Our projects employ a mixture of installation, walkabout performance for small groups of people and larger pictures and set pieces. This allows people to access the work in different ways and allows the company to explore both sensitive, detailed moments and outlandish, flamboyant ones.

We have worked closely with Creative Producers Time Wont Wait and especially Company Director Sarah Sansom since 2009. Our work has benefited significantly from her commitment to creating meaningful and lasting engagements with audiences and those who participate more fully in productions.

Red Herring has moved to Bideford in North Devon. We are in the process of developing and plan to get involved in our local community – working with and for people who live in rural areas and are isolated due to old age, mobility or mental health issues.

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