Rio Boom Boom

Category: Artist

Ugo Sanchez Jr. brings to the stage various numbers that come from more than 10 years of shows and chooses to do so by wearing the role of an irreverent clown. The public is overwhelmed and overwhelmed by his persuasion enough to become the protagonist and proponent of his bizarre mind. With a universal language devoid of words, the character stands out for his elegance / extravagance and imposes himself on the stage with a sharp and absurd determination, becoming the “supreme jester” of that space. A time and a place of his own, where he can do whatever he wants: challenge, play, provoke, joke, capture, entertain, hit, hum. Just like in real life, tragic and comic events often coexist in the irrationality of this world. An irreverent clown who mirrors our society with its contradictions and absurdities. Rio Boom Boom is like a media bombing, as well as a song that becomes a catchphrase and you can’t stop humming so easily.
Ugo Sanchez Jr. is a clown and as such he is sincere, true, natural like a child, this allows him to tell the truth even if it turns out to be bitter. Many may not believe or underestimate the truth that he brings with his show, but they will be able to touch it with their own hand, indeed listen with their own ears. Ugo Sanchez Jr., without using words, accompanies us in his madness, also made up of water pistols, to reflect on the conditioning we suffer every day from the media. An invitation to think for yourself!

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