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Safetycatch Productions currently offer 2 shows…

A Silent Clown vintage Portrait Studio installation (with optional walkabout version…)

“Watch the Birdie!”
An Old Fashioned Photographer from the Silent Movie Era poses volunteers for portraits in a Paper Moon…
How will your picture turn out?!?

& Strolling Musical Comedy with a Twist & Shout!

A hopeful romantic on Guitar with a giant amigo on Ukulele – this couple of unlikely Mariachi wild things cajole and serenade el general publico, while competing for lead songsterino in… MariachoO!

Coming soon…

A new strolling musical comedy show –
“Jumbo Rain-Heart – Bluesman looking for the Crossroads…”
A blues singer from the deep south pitches up and sings the blues for and about people passing by.


“Doctor! Doctor!!”
A new static silent clown show –
A junior Medical Doctor demonstrates how to carry out DIY surgical procedures and minor operations in this time of austerity, using a bag full of surgical instruments, a stethascope, latex gloves and bitter pills… using audience volunteers, a hospital screen, a guerney, and a skeleton. Laughter really is after all – the best medicine!

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