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SALT is the happiest, best-dressed band in Europe. This fully acoustic quartet is packing all original tunes, extraordinary suits and loads of fun – bringing Beats, Brass & Vocals with minimal techs and specs. SALT is a crowd pleaser, determined to establish contact with the audience and not giving up until they turned clouds into clear blue skies. A carnival fusion of original jazz, European, Latin and other world melodies delivered with joy on your doorstep.

SALT has been working hard on new original material; developing both their acoustic street act and a funky stage set incorporating samples, loops, tapes and other electronic devices into the show. Still SALT is on a pretty acoustic level – with an ‘open’ sound. Very groovy, very danceable and very enjoyable. Last autumn the production of their second album started; PLANET SALT is due to be released in the spring of 2004 and SALT will tor once again this coming summer!

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