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Somersault, juggling and tightrope walking there were his daily bread during his first years of life. Become a little more which adolescent says hallo to his family to undertake his personal formation journey.
It gets a diploma so of the school of contemporary circus”Flic”where it is specialised in the use of the German wheel and to the Atelier of Physical Theatre Philip Radice of Turin putting so the theatre beside the circus discipline. It deepens some aspects of acting like the clown and the use of the voice studying with Master like Jean Meninge, Rita Pelusio, Leo Bassi, Marco Farinella and others.
He becomes an author, director and interpreter of his first show of soloist: “A Ruota Libera” show of circus and comical theatre of road with which he participates in the most important Festivals in Italy and in Europe. At the same time member becomes a founder of the company 320 chili dance company/circus with which it has produced and interpreted the shows: “Invisible”, “4 for now” and “To the migrant ones”, this last winner of the prize “Equilibri” for the dance to Auditorium Parco of the Music of Rome.
In 2017 there makes his debut Mind The Dart according to show soloist, in which the circus experience leaves space to a greater theatricalism and empathy with the public.
As well as the shows in only and in company it keeps the passion for the music playng tenor sax in a Marching Band of Turin: 88 crazy ones.

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