Small World Theatre

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Based in our purpose built centre in Cardigan, West Wales our company produces a wide variety of work including.
Company produced spectacular giant puppets, Company made Lanterns. We work with communities to produce lantern parades and Giant based street theatre. We also work in Africa, Asia and the Middle East with arts and culture for development. Theatre for Behavioural Change and touring theatre

At present we have a large range of giant puppets and we can be commissioned produce them to suit your requirements. Often our giant parades have narrative and performance sections.
The Return of Bran is available NOW. We believe he is the largest human powered giant puppet in the world. He stands at 25 ft and crawls around 12 ft height. He is accompanied by the society of Bran street performers. There are 2 giant tricycles with trailers that bring his torso and his legs and 1 small tricycle with his arms. His head usually arrives by boat on a River, sea, lake, dock or quay. He can also perform away from water. His story told to the gathering crowds is a new myth for a new paradigm. Assembled in front of audiences he is emotionally sung into life by a choir. He lives, he stands, walks talks, crawls, and returns to the earth after his wisdom is spoken. Based on the Welsh Mabingion story his message is universal. Previous performances in Wales and Ireland.

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