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Three characters present a live radio broadcast circa 1950, reviving the flavour of radio programmes of the era such as Dick Barton – Special Agent, Hancock’s half hour and The Goons.

The show is a blend of physical comedy and satire, within which the performers play a variety of parts. As well as the voices, the story is told with an inventive and eccentric use of live sound effects, pre-recorded sound-scapes and live music. The audience are treated as if they are a studio audience whilst the program is being broadcast live. In this way they are encouraged to participate actively throughout the show.

The show was devised by the performers, Ivan Fabrega, Paschale Straiton and Mathew Dunn, and directed by Emma Lloyd.

Min performance space: 5X5 metres
Number of people on tour: 3

Contact: Ivan Fabrega for availability

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