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Strangelings (UK) – Tandem (Acrobatics / Performance)
Two men, two wheels and some unfeasibly long shoes. Strangelings have stripped it down to the bare essentials. Daredevil trick cycling achingly beautiful acrobalance and a never before attempted escape finale. Contains scenes of middle- aged semi nudity.

Gaiety Engine
A wolf-boy, a squeamish fakir, a feline escapologist and a mermaid named Terence, these are a few of the Gaiety Engine?s exhibits. Allow the dapper and demented Isaiah Crank and his mildewed assistant Tolley-boy to guide you through the last remaining Victorian freakshow!

Meet Henry Burns and George Entwhistle, gentleman photographers. They will pose you, dress you, and provide you with suitable props backdrops and facial hair to ensure your photograph is a perfect work of art, ready to take pride of place in anyone’s parlor.

Join your curators for a guided tour around the travelling Museum and discover the stories behind the exhibits in this unique archive of the ordinary made extraordinary.

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