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Our company is devoted to producing children’s shows. We first began working on the creation of shows intended for an audience that has not always be deemed as on the same level as adults some fourteen years ago. The course we have followed, which has led us to this juncture, has been a full process and not just a decision made when we completed our studies at the Barcelona Institute of Theatre.

Whenever an individual focuses his endeavours on a project, the first thing he wants to do is to experience the task he is performing. This was our first goal: to experience theatre. In the year 2000 we premiered El hombre justo and we gradually began to reach our first goal.

El hombre justo was followed by Bolavá detective, Los niños de mi escalera, La cenicienta (tal vez sí, tal vez no), Joan’s moon, Alice’s dream, Stone Soup, Cepillo and Robin Hood is back!. If we take into account La Odisea, which we premiered when we were still combining work and study, thus far the company has produced ten children’s shows. We can honestly say we enjoy our work and have no intention of changing course.

Boys and girls enjoy art and are moved by it. They are fully sensitive, they conceive imaginary worlds of fantasy, they continually interpret reality, they question everything they don’t understand and they understand everything that is told to them clearly. They make an extraordinary audience and creating shows for them is such a feat that any artist finds the endeavour highly fulfilling.

We adults believe that we know everything about children, but that’s merely because our memory lets us down. We look at each new show as an exercise in trying to overcome this amnesia.

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