Teatro Metamorfoso

Category: Artist

Teatro Metamorfoso responds to the ineradicable need of the human being to make judgments based on sentiment. We want to believe in something. The truth seems to be an elastic concept. The lie appears to be a normal standard which is anchored in our genes. We enjoy it and reward the liar with a big applause.

?In a performance of just a couple of minutes, you witness a miracle of the world!
– Eindhovens Dagblad –

?The operator discouraged people with a weak bladder to enter the tent. After that, I couldn?t wait to enter. ?After 5 minutes we were back outside again. In my case, with a genuinely good temper. I love this type of amusement.
– Thomas Verborgt in de Gelderlander –

?Inside it becomes a nice little mess, when Ludmilla starts scaring the audience. Everybody is screaming. Screaming in an enjoyable way.
– Dagblad van het Noorden ?

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