The Bull and the Moon- DeNada Dance Theatre

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The Bull and the Moon is brand-new family friendly production that celebrates anyone who dances to their own tune. A fun, fiery and magical outdoor dance performance that blends contemporary dance, flamenco and theatre, this is a heart-warming story about the importance of being oneself, family and LGBTQ+ inclusivity.

Directed by Carlos Pons Guerra for DeNada Dance Theatre, the work has been co-choreographed by Pons Guerra and flamenco artist Ana GarcĂ­a. Danced to a fun and eclectic score of Spanish and Latin music and sounds, arranged by Luke Wilson, the production has been designed by Ryan Laight and produced by Spin Arts.

At the heart of the work is the idea of celebrating individual gender
identity, and allowing the beauty of each individual to shine, regardless of gender expectations. Subtly introducing ideas of gender fluidity and non- binarism, it also tackles bullying, whilst encouraging tolerance, engagement with the arts and sensitivity.

Families of all types are encouraged to watch; the production has been created for audience members 3+. We want the production to reach as many young and older audience members as possible, and are keen on presenting the work to groups who perhaps have more traditional views on gender roles and expectations, as it is a sweet and subtle way of starting a conversation on the topic of children and gender.

In our hearts, we would love for the production to bee seen by any child or adult who has ever felt that the expectations on their gender stopped them from doing anything or becoming who they really wanted to be.

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