The Consciousness Collective

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The Consciousness Collective is a 6 piece full AV group utilising a variety of holistic therapies including sound and colour therapy and include live singing bowls, throat singing, electronica, cello, trumpet, didgeridoo, keys, bass, guitar, glockenspiel, percussion. All this accompanied by drones, complex hypnotizing beats, field recordings of monks in deep meditative trances, binaural beats and other sonic and visual techniques designed to elevate the soul, raise positive energy, and stimulate the Chakras. In a typical performance, five minutes is spent on each chakra, smoothly gliding from one to the next, from the root to the crown and holds the potential to create an experience that could be extremely profound. Truly trance inducing and full of positivity, in sync with ethereally inspired visuals and colour therapy techniques. This is not just a show, it is an experience.


Paul Dilworth – concept, singing bowls, guitar, omwand, drones, beats and FX
Tom Robinson – Cello, Didgeridoo, Throat singing
Ian Burgess – Trumpet and whatever comes to hand
Thomas Harrison – Synthesizers, space noises, recorder, bongos
Matt Tribello – Percussion
Sam Hodson – Bass

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