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The Enlightenment Booth – New 2007
Enter The Booth! Take ?Darshan? with the world?s favourite spiritual leader ?Supreme Master Enlightened Guru Wendicott.
Absorb the Guru?s aura. Be AMAZED! Be Enlightened!
Humanette puppetry, Musical soundscapes and comedy performance combine in this unique installation
The Enlightenment Booth is attended by the Guru?s Chosen Acolytes ? so there is plenty of nonsense outside the Booth – as well as inside!
2 performers – 40 minute sessions

Random Acts of Jazz
You never know when or where the Jazz Juju duo will get ya – turning ordinary life into a comedy musical!
Utterly, absolutely and downright portable – Creating anarchy with air trombone solos – serenading people as they walk along the street – crooning to the supermarket queue – Greeting the new arrivals with romantic song. They don?t write them like they used too.
This act is fantastic for impact, promotion, profile raising and creating happiness.
universal songs – 2 performers- 40 minute sessions

?They had a major effect on our ability to get our message about the festival across to the public.?
Peter Bolton, Artistic Director – Norfolk and Norwich Festival
Fabulous! ? Big C Charity Ball

The Bananas
These visually stunning Fairtrade Banana People create a great deal of ridiculous impact by throwing shapes and flashing the Fairtrade logo as they wander with their Mobile Banana Sound System! Perfect for press calls and media hype. Legionary in Fairtrade circles. Commissioned by Banana Link
No language – 40 minute sessions 3-4 performers

The Percussion Monkeez
This brilliant show combines elements of classic stupidity, physical theatre, musical puppets and of course lots of percussion!
? Show – 40 minutes, 2 performers – english clowning
?Out of a four month season of street theatre, the Percussion Monkeez stood out above all others. We thought they would keep the kids happy, but the real delight was seeing grown men and women wiping the tears of laughter from their eyes. Top class clowning from two highly talented artists with a great sense of fun.?
Will Chamberlain ? Festival of Fools, Belfast Circus Centre

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