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Born in 2001 the Tony Clifton Circus when Anthony Jerome Clifton, an italoamerican artist whose aesthetics can be described as \”life is strange\” meets Nicola Danesi De Luca and Iacopo Fulgi.
Nicola extravagant tries to be rational, politic, conscious … he loves the word, the sound and the sense of them, on stage he would like to sing. Iacopo is corporal, he’s a victim of his own unconscious fury challenging the reason… he dances, he sweats, on stage he would like to vomit.

When trying to find poetry, a constant line of research to the work of the Tony Clifton Circus it comes to be not as easy as it seemed, what they are looking for is to put on stage the rareness, the anomaly; they want to make us laugh but also to hold it in.
They want to be recognized and appreciated but they think that the best way to do it is not being kind, they want the audience to look forward to seeing them, bringing into scene something more embarrassing than a fun thing.
From this premises their shows are born, these are true shows, their own experiments, they love mixing the most elemental craziness with comical tricks.
At the beginning there is the irrational enjoinment that is born when bringing into scene this show … from here everything is born for the pleasure to play like children and like children they don’t ask whys, neither what does anything mean… doing what they feel like is the most important thing…
Tony Clifton Circus loves Leo Bassi, they copy him and they look forward to become as rich as he is. If you don’t know who is Leo Bassi the problem is yours. If you have ideas to change the world, the problem is the world.
With lots of love and with some hate.

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