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TrashDollys are the unmistakable dance company founded by Sam Amos in 2011.

Drawn to dance forms rooted in Hip Hop, Sam Amos discovered a natural ability as a Breaker (Breakdancer) in 1999. Highly credited for innovation and individuality in his field, he honed an instantly recognizable movement style which he cultivates and continues to explore through TrashDollys. With Breaking informing his aesthetics and ethos, additional interests in filmmaking and theatre were combined under the umbrella of TrashDollys in 2011.

Sam Amos now stands at the forefront of dance makers in the UK who wish to create memorable live performance and film that displays the power and relevance of young progressive dance theatre. He is currently an associate artist at SwindonDance and supported through Breakin’ Conventions Back To The Lab Program at Sadlers Wells.

TrashDollys are building a portfolio of work which reflects their bold and progressive take on dance theatre. Using live performance and filmmaking as their primary mediums, the company combines breath-taking and expressive physicality with imaginative story-telling. One of the company’s main interests is to create work with versatility at its heart, enabling their live performances to be staged in theatres, non-formal or outdoor spaces to continue building on their appeal to non-traditional and cross arts audiences.

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