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He was inspired to start the company because of the many separate requests for festivals; that is how, in 1998, Tuig came into being.
Since then, he has developed 7 different productions of his own. [Hoefslagwerk, Kippedrift, The WEB, Salto Vitale, Tocht, Tegenwind, Schraapzucht]. In addition to this, he and his company have performed various opening and closing acts for festivals.

TUIG focuses on summer festival productions on location in the Netherlands and abroad. Tuig’s imagery language has an earthly and clear style.
The group depict their themes with large technical and perceptional constructions. These constructions become a symbol, a metaphor within the shows. The music is catchy and compelling; composed specifically, and unique in its development within the creative process of the show. The performance of the pieces is abstract and has an attractive ‘flow’ with amazing ideas and twists.

Furthermore, the outside locations are included as much as possible in the themes so that there is even more depth. But the main thing about Marc van Vliet’s work is that it starts from very human themes and dilemmas which invite further thought.

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