Turning Point

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Turning Point is a 45 minute dance piece for 4 women and takes place on a 4x4m raised, non-motorised rotating stage. The dancers push, turn, stop, slow down, speed up, fall off, jump on and interact with the stage. They also invite the audience to interact with the stage at the end of the work, as a way to signify community and inheritance.

The work looks at climate change as a feminist issue, after the company discovered research that showed women and girls are disproportionately affected by climate change, and are also statistically more likely to be the ones taking action on the ground, yet still underrepresented in leadership roles. Our show aims to shine light on these issues and call for action. The powerful fusion of dance, set, poetry and sound will capture audiences’ attention and convey a strong message. The stage is un-motorised and requires one performer to push it at all times. This symbolises our unending work in the fight for climate change reversal and the work that women on the forefront are continuously doing for their communities, it is also an attention-grabbing sight for the audience and a unique and unusual set.

The physicality of the choreography, rigour and team work required to push the stage, represents the strength and unity of women and is symbolic of the global effort required to change the current devastating trajectory. Through the use of metaphor, multi-dimensional art forms, partner work, changing dynamics and powerful imagery, we lead the audience through an immersive experience that encourages them to make their own interpretations and foster their own creativity.

During the creation process we worked with Greenham women to workshop ideas around protest and community, with this research becoming an integral part of the work. This kind of work with community groups also has huge potential to become part of wraparound activity for the project. We are highly experienced workshop facilitators, and all have enhanced DBS checks to work with people of all ages. We regularly run workshops for all ages and experience levels that include movement, contact improvisation and family crafting.

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