Turul Aymen

Category: Artist

Performance Title: DINAMO

A unique opportunity to experience an improvisational installation in which bikes powered by the audience control the performance they are watching. The members of the audience who are cycling will also be being watched themselves, which adds an extra dimension to the audience/performer relationship.

Created by: Turul Aymen ( Artist, Director )

In association with :
Caroline Brader, ( Co-Director )
Active8 , Octagon Theatre ? Bolton
and Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council

Lisa Bentley
Gemma Carcione
Oli Lee
Ian Maloney
Jenni Riding
Grace Sobey

Duration of performance: 15 minutes with no intervals. ( Repeated every hour )

Does your performance demand a clear understanding of language ?
Ideal audience size / scale: Small ? up to 400

Minimum performance space required : 10m2

Key technical requirements: 110 V power supply

Number of Performers: 6

Availability for touring: Not Available for 2004

Date & Time(s) of performances(s) at the x.trax showcase: from 12.00 to 18.00 every hour on the hour. ( 15 minutes ) June 4, June 5, June 6

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