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Vertical dance is an exciting, emerging form of dance that typically uses rock climbing equipment (ropes, harnesses and abseil devices) to suspend dancers off the ground on a range of vertical surfaces. It takes place in a variety of locations, from theatres and their foyers to the outside of buildings and rock faces. VDKL are one of a limited, but growing number of companies worldwide specialising in this new dance genre. Artistic Director, Kate Lawrence has 30 years experience as a dance artist and 15 years specialising in Vertical Dance. The company was constituted in December 2014 for the promotion of arts activities and builds on Kate’s collaboration with rigger Simon Edwards. We are proud to live and work in North Wales and are strongly committed to working with local people.

Our performances typically take place on the exterior facades of buildings. Our work has been seen on Guildford Cathedral, Belfast City Hall, Base Sousmarine St Nazaire, Haus der Geschichten (Linz), Venue Cymru, Galeri, Pontio, Riverfront (Newport), Ulster Museum, MShed Bristol, Grafton Car Park Worthing and at GWK Cultural Park Bali amongst others. We have also worked inside venues, often in foyers such as Galeri, Wales Millennium Centre and the Beacon Climbing Centre in Caernarfon, where we train and rehearse.

Vertical Dance Kate Lawrence

creates bespoke and self-generated vertical dance performance projects in non-theatre and theatre locations with a wide range of participants

provides training in vertical dance locally, nationally and internationally

responds creatively and enthusiastically to commissions and consultancy work in the area of vertical and site-specific dance

networks with vertical dance artists nationally and internationally, advocating good practice within the sector and promoting understanding of this emerging form of dance

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