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Volcano is a UK based, touring company of 20 years? standing that has produced 25 professional shows and toured to 38 countries from Argentina to Azerbaijan. Our style is bold, exuberant and contemporary, and our mission is to make fearless and inspiring theatre for intelligent, imaginative people of all kinds in the UK and beyond.

A FEW LITTLE DROPS – available now
Outdoor show

This unique, mind-bending and environmentally topical show explores the strange properties of water, its awesome power, its fundamental role in maintaining life, its fragile purity and its extraordinary beauty. Our purpose is to inspire you with a sense of the preciousness of water – what it means to waste it, pollute it or desecrate it and why people across the world might worship it, cherish it, steal it or fight over it.

A Few Little Drops takes place in a big outdoor set that makes an intriguing talking-point in its own right. This can appear in unlikely places for maximum impact or be sited to compliment its design. The audience gets to enter the set ? exploring a flood-wrecked house and crossing a watery landscape before going inside a giant inflatable wave. The action happens all around and above them, with live performers, video, music and sound. The set and the performance generate interest from passers-by and it is even possible for the beautiful wave space to host other festival events.

7 actors, 2 production crew – full specs available on request.

Audience comments:

” Loved the exploration and choice”

“More performances like this! I love things that push the boundaries, challenge people ? this is it!”

“Wow! Fantastic. Great poetry and movement. Interesting, satisfying. Performers really went for it!”

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