White Rabbit

Category: Artist

The Company: Our experience is mainly site specific and theatre spaces, but Bernadette has performed with Cocoloco, and with Red Herring devising and performing The Séance and Punch and Judy for outdoor events. We are interested in exploring the possibility of doing our work at festivals.

The Lost Property Office is an interactive installation and performance commissioned and especially created for Deptford X. This fictitious Lost Property Office collects lost and found stories initially through social networking sites and talking to local people. Then matches the stories to objects, and set up the office filled with lost items such as: confidence, inhibitions, willpower, with the stories written on luggage labels. When people visit during the day they can add their own stories and they become part of the exhibit. There is a short 15 minute performance that happens in the evening inspired by the stories. The show was directed by Gareth Brierley, and the sound designer was Fred DeFay

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