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Wired are a two-strong, core team of dynamic and forward thinking creators and performers plucked from De La Guarda aerial theatre company. Combining their skills of contemporary dance, physical theatre, gymnastics, climbing, flying and many years of performance experience they have spent the last five years travelling the world creating and performing aerial magic along their way.

Wired specialise in two main areas of aerial work: theatre-based aerial dance work and bespoke, site-specific aerial shows.

In 2000 they began developing a unique aerial performance skill termed bungee-assisted dance. To date Wired are the only company in the world to be working in this way.

Wired believe there is a unique beauty to aerial movement that they always aim to promote throughout their work. Whether this is displayed through massive stunts or subtle, simple movements, the magic of aerial performance is its facility to trick gravity.

‘When set free from gravity, you are limited only by your imagination’

Some of Wired’s shows available for booking include:

Wendy and her delightful duo chase their tails and go nowhere fast. They are just too darned busy to accomplish anything much. They have forgotted what is real, how to press eject and how they ever functioned before they started running at life.
“Handmade/Manmade“ was Commissioned by The Royal Opera House and premiered in November 06 at The Linbury Theatre, as part of the ROH2 programme.

A moving, theatre based solo that deals with a girls journey through bulimia. Performed at The Royal Opera House, The Place, The ESB Dublin Fringe, and The Arena Festival.

Glimpse is a peek into a strange world. Who they are and where they came from no-one quite knows, but their story is recognised the world over.

This performance was originally commissioned by The Greenwich and Docklands International Festival “Dancing City“ and further supported by ACE. It was created specifically for The East Winter Gardens building at Canary Wharf and has since travelled to Dies de Dansa, Barcelona.

Crouching Tiger HIdden Dragon aerial spectacular
Three combat queens fly high above the audience, performing tightly choreographed sequences inspired by the film.

As The World Tipped
This ambitious and extraordinary piece of aerial theatre tells a powerful tale of ecological crisis. Combining dramatic video visuals with breath-taking aerial performance, As The World Tipped confronts one of the most pressing issues for the planet with spectacle, humour and emotion.

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