Brexit Resources for outdoor arts

We have been keeping a careful eye on what Brexit will mean for artists and promoters in the UK and Europe, and we want to do all we can to ensure that everyone in the arts sector can continue to collaborate, tour and work together – which will mean getting used to some changes, now that the transition period has ended and the UK has officially left the EU

For detailed advice, please see the XTRAX Practical Guide to Brexit, produced with our friends Split Second.

This guide covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Administrative impact: contracts, tax, insurance, EU funding
  • Movement of people: Visas, passports, ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorisation System), sponsorship licence and accessibility
  • Movement of goods and vehicles: Export and imports, EORI (Economic Operators Registration and Identification), ATA carnet, driving licences, creative freight solutions
  • Touring: impact and landscape, working with agents, budgeting 

All of the above is supported by examples and case studies given by a selection of companies who have examined how Brexit will impact them depending on the scale of their productions, their touring party, their cast members’ nationalities, and more – we will continue to update this as more information becomes available.

Brexit has far-reaching implications for touring in to and out of the UK and Europe. The issues affect all artists and industry professionals, no matter what art form – so many of the arts network and industry organisations are meeting regularly to try to ensure that we can all navigate the new systems, share information, and in some cases, campaign for changes that will make life easier for artists, promoters and industry professionals to continue to work and tour across Europe.

We have gathered some of the information here – please contact us if you can’t find what you are looking for and we will try to point you in the right direction.

We will also be arranging some webinars in the coming weeks to share what we know so far. Please sign up to our mailing list if you would like to be kept informed of future events.


1. Arts Council England EU Exit: Transition Period Guide
Arts Council England has produced a detailed breakdown of the areas that you need to consider for touring work in the EU in 2021 and beyond.

The guide covers the following areas including Applying for EU funding, Import and export and movement of objects, Money, Taxes and Tax relief, Travel into the EU immigration and citizens advice, Data protection copyright and broadcast & tech. Providing information and links to help advise and plan your work & touring projects.

There is a really useful 7 step plan for artists and festivals as a useful checklist to make sure you can plan your visit and work in European, outlining any key considerations that you need to take on board before you travel.

The link to the document will be updated regularly so it’s worth keeping regular checks on those links.


2. Guidance for DCMS sectors on the UK’s exit from the EU
This is where you will find the regular updates from the government regarding the latest information for a broad range of art forms. There are a wide range of links to support your planning. They are broken down in sections and provided detailed links and information regarding travelling around the EU (Passports, Driving licenses) and the movement of goods with Carnets.


3. Brexit Guidance for Musicians
The Musicians Union have created this guide to advise musicians working across all sectors of the music industry, looking to tour in the EU. The easy-read flow chart is helpful for any musicians planning to tour to one or multiple locations in European. Ensuring that you have all of the documentation for your instruments and any equipment, merchandise and insurance that you will need when travelling.

Currently, there is a no visa deal for musicians and performers meaning work permits would be needed.

Incorporated Society of Musicians Brexit resources- The ISM are membership organisations also providing musicians with a detailed breakdown and lots of practical steps needed for working and touring in Europe for your short and long term planning.


4. UK Europe Arts Work – Guide to working in the EU

UK Europe Arts Work has provided the latest update from Europe and the UK and information for artists from the UK travelling to Europe, and Artists travelling from Europe to the UK.

The information also covers consideration travelling to the Schengen Countries and useful link regarding taxes, documentation for temporary work visas and what you need to apply for. This is another great resource and explains the breakdown of key information for artists.

It is updated regularly and includes video explainers.


5. UK Theatre Guide to Brexit

UK Theatre has pulled together a number of useful resources for British organisations to manage Brexit, including checklists and information on recruiting from outside the UK, funding, movement of goods, visas, data and more.


6. ArtsAdmin: The tour must go on! A guide to touring across Europe for UK performing artists and companies

ArtsAdmin have created a simple, practical guide to support and empower UK-based individual artists and small companies working in theatre, dance and live art to continue to tour work across Europe.

From insurance and visas to copyright and cabotage, the guide offers a practical step-by-step overview guide, case studies and country-focused details to help navigate the post-Brexit touring landscape and will continue to be updated as the rules and regulations evolve.

Commissioned by Arts Council England through Artsadmin, LIFT and 1927, the guide was written by independent producers and consultants Nadine Patel and Ania Obolewicz and is available to read and download in text, audio and Easy Read formats.


7. One Dance UK

One Dance UK have a page with the latest updates about Brexit and also invite dance companies to ask questions or express concerns via a feedback form.


8. The Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM)
The Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) is the UK’s professional body for musicians and a nationally recognised subject association for music. In response to a lack of clear, country-specific guidance, they have produced a very useful guide summarising the visa and work permit requirements for UK performers touring in Europe.

For an overview of the different requirements for entry visas and short and long stay work permits for each European country, please visit this page.


9. Pearle – Live perfomance Europe

Pearle * represents the voice of music, performing arts and live performance organisations in Europe. Pearle * is the leading organization on EU and international regulatory affairs issues affecting daily operations or live performance organizations.

They produced a FAQ on the EU-UK Trade Agreement, providing basic answers in one-minute readings to 10 most relevant topics when crossing the EU-UK border. Some of the topics covered are : work permits, temporary export/import of goods, road haulage, social security, taxation, etc.

Pearle * also produced a guide on visas for third-country nationals travelling to the Schengen area. This is a useful resource for UK companies with artists from a third country.


10. Mobility information points

Mobility Information Points (MIP) are information centres and/or websites in several European countries who aim to tackle administrative challenges that artists and cultural professionals can face when working across borders. Mobility Information Points provide free information and customised services to artists and cultural professionals working internationally.

List of MIP:

Some of the MIP websites are not available in English, but you can email with a specific request.


11. Incoming mobility into the UK 

Below is a list of resources available for EU artists looking to undertake temporary paid work in the UK.

  • LIVE (Live music Industry Venues & Entertainment) created a one-page summary of the routes of entry to the UK for EU artists and entertainers.
  • Arts Infopoint UK is a pilot initiative to support the arts sector with information on practical issues relating to artist mobility. The Arts Infopoint UK project will look at ways to provide support for artists visiting Wales and the UK who need information in areas such as visas, taxation and social security.
  • Creative Europe Desk UK has created a few resources on incoming short-term mobility of EU & EEA artists and other cultural professionals. These include a webinar and a FAQ and can be accessed here.


We will be updating the guide and this page on an ongoing basis as more information becomes available.