COVID-19: Resources for the Outdoor Arts

The XTRAX team are all currently working from home. The best way to contact XTRAX staff is via email at or if you would like to speak to an individual member of our team visit this page for further details.

We have gathered several links below to relevant websites and information that may be helpful to those working in the outdoor arts and festival sector in the UK and abroad during these uncertain times. We will continue to explore all possible ways in which we can support those in our community in this time of recovery. If you have anything you would like to share with us, please get in touch.

Useful Resources

UK Government COVID-19 Response, Spring 2021 – see info for those presenting outdoor events on page 34 and 36 of this document.

Latest updates from Arts Council England, about their emergency funding measures, as well as an overview of the COVID-19 Roadmap to June 2021 for Arts and Culture.

Visit Outdoor Arts UK for a selection of resources, including their sector guidance, risk assessments and a look at key case studies.

Compare the Market has a list of energy-saving tips for those working from home.

Working from Home: A Guide to Creating a Healthy and Productive Workspace, Cotswold Co. has developed an insightful resource about working from home, with practical tips and advice to set up a productive and healthy workspace at home including links to other useful resources.

On the Move – Cultural Mobility Network and Circostrada have joined forces to pull together an extensive list of international coronavirus resources and advice for those working in arts and culture.

Join the Covid-19 Outdoor Arts Information, Questions & Advice Forum Facebook group for the latest knowledge sharing and community peer support.

Artist at Risk Association has compiled a list of resources for relief funds, legal advice, webinars for artists working in the US and internationally here.

World Health Organisation: Global updates on Coronavirus and advice on travel.

Visit Coronavirus (COVID-19): UK government response for all the latest advice and daily briefing updates from the UK. Also: UK Government: Guidance for employers and businesses And: UK Government: COVID-19 guidance for mass gatherings.

NCVO Coronavirus guidance for charities, community groups and social enterprises in the UK.

Local Government Association: Coronavirus: Information for Councils in the UK.

A-N: Coronavirus Covid-19: Information and guidance for artists and arts organisers.

The young professional’s guide to mental health while remote working and career planning: A Balancing Act

The trustees of Future’s Venture Foundation have provided information on much needed benevolent funds. This list may be of use to those in the cultural sector who are experiencing financial and/or wellbeing difficulties. You may already be aware of some of these charities/funds, but there might be one or two unfamiliar ones worth exploring. This list covers as many of the creative fields as possible.

Equity Charitable Trust (Actors) 

Actors Benevolent Fund 

The Artist General Benevolent Fund (Artists)

Help for Musicians (musicians and music-related roles)

NABS (advertising and media industries) 

Royal Variety Charity

Live Events PSA Stagehand Welfare and Benevolent Fund 

The Function Central – Inclusive Event Planning after COVID-19


Featured Image: WILD by Motionhouse, find out more about Motionhouse here