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Highly acclaimed & electrifying dance theatre duet for the outdoors & unusual spaces.

Street Games

Street Games is an inclusive and accessible fun day of street games, live music and dance with BSL Performance and Interpretation.

Parade – The Giant Wheel

A large-scale travelling performance featuring a Giant Wheel powered by 5 performers and a community cast of local participants.

Out of the Deep Blue

An impactful dialogue around our earth’s climate emergency, told through dance, movement and masterful puppeteering. Ideal for family audiences.


STRTFSTVL promotes street theatre, circus arts, music and variety. STRTFSTVL organises events, spreads information and supports other organisations with programming, promotion and/or…


OutdoorArtsUK is a national membership and strategic organisation that aims to bring together the many diverse parts of the Outdoor Arts sector….

Street Theatre Scene Kaleidoscope from Cracow

Independent, professional collective of artists devoted to and fascinated by the idea of creating theatre and interdisciplinary activities in the street-outdoor


Bedlam Oz (Australia) is a world theatre company that animates spaces with style elegance and grace. They received glowing reviews during the…

Sunshine on the Fallen Tree

Sunshine on a Fallen Tree is an immersive sound and light sculpture, made from locally sourced Ash trees felled due to Ash…

String and Strong’s Great Bog Gameathon

STRING AND STRONG TAKE TO THE STREETS! Can I play a huge game of hide and seek with creatures from another world?…

Tangled Feet

Tangled Feet is a physical theatre ensemble and a charity, dedicated to devising original, accessible and innovative work. They make transformative theatre…

RoguePlay Theatre

RoguePlay is a UK based award winning highly physical theatre company, creating a unique style of narrative theatre using aerial and ground based circus, dance


The sum against hate speeches towards the different and against individualism.

Do you join us?


Possê means community, group, family. A cry of hope to be able to recover the street as a space of coexistence.

Sound De Secà

We create collective rituals focused on positive energy, vitality and humanity through the languages of theater, music, voice and movment.


Drowning under a crushing mass of plastic, the Keeper of the Waterways awakens and rises up. It’s time for change. Highly Sprung’s…

Look Mum, No Hands!

Look Mum, No Hands! is a Daryl & Co and Mimbre co-production. Look Mum, No Hands! is a tender tale of friendship…

Che fa, concilia?

Don’t know where you are? Stuck in traffic? Can’t cross the road? Watch out, we’ve the only copper in the world who can create a traffic jam in the desert!