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Ramshacklicious Theatre Company makes collaboratively devised theatre with the audiences’ experience at the centre.

The Water voices

“The Water Voices” – Fantasy memories, the public nearby and taking part : a diversion leading to a water course The Water…


Actiooon! A trip to the beginnings of the world of the cinema. A small producer with big doses of humor embarks in…

Tandava Kalari

Tandava Kalari offers performance and worrkshops of fire and shadow inspired by kalaripayattu, the oldest martial art in India

Steel Harmony Steel Band

Fusion is their inspiration; spicing up arrangements in their own inimitable style, whilst demonstrating the versatility of the pans


“Mannekino” is the comical and surprising tale of a window-dresser and a manikin in which the acrobatic tricks are interwoven as part…


Oddlings develops and performs theatrical acrobatic acts.


Cocoloco excels in everything from Glimpse Theatre’ to Vaudeville on the Street to Cabaret and Hardcore Experimental Theatre. We direct large outdoor and indoor shows and site specific work.

Shapeshifter Productions

Shapeshifter Productions is a performing arts organisation based in London Borough Waltham Forest. The charity currently has two main areas of work: presentation of high quality productions of original theatrical and musical cross art forms and high quality participatory community programmes working with older people and amateur musicians.

G.R.A.S. (Generaly Recognised As Safe)

A world, man and creation. A place where the colors are vibrant, strong odors and flavors are intense. A consumer anxiety, dissatisfaction…

Erva Daninha

Portuguese Contemporary Circus Company


Push places motherhood in the spotlight, examining the intense joys and frustrations in a quirky blend of physical comedy and pram choreography….

BPM Bombs per Minute

Is destruction a creation? Can the artist only afford to make others dream? As an answer to the violence of the world,…

Les Commandos Percu

Energy in motion.

For more than 20 years the team has travelled the world with its innovative percussion work and specific knowledge about fireworks.

Mr Blok / Walkabout without words

Walkabout without words… Black Gabardine, grimacing face, a huge figure wanders randomly carrying in his powerful arms what seems to remain of…

TV(i)Monde / Walking television

Walking television One, two or three giants in overalls, carrying televisions as best they can, roam the streets and finally deliver to…the…

Stilt Batteristas

Drumming group who perform on stilts.

Heels Over Head Dance Theatre

Versatile performer, Agathe trained in Contemporary Dance.
She is also a talented actress and singer.