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Tango Siempre

Tango Siempre take you on a breathtaking journey into the heart of Tango Argentino.

The Cautley Carollers

The Cautley Carollers sing three and four part harmony arrangements of songs from countries where many people sing as naturally as they talk.

Wright Stuff Puppet Company

Ruff Daddy and Bad Mutha – brilliant comedy animation from the Wright Stuff Puppet Company. 

La Salamandra

A beautiful and atmospheric nighttime spectacle combining live music, dance and photography. An audio visual treat!

Compagnie Antipodes

Beautiful dance duet between to lovers

A dance which challenges physical and metaphorical boundaries

Marcelo De Ramos

Awesome Brazilian acrobat and stuntman

Ric Taylor

A funny, quirky, family-friendly show combining impressive juggling feats and audience participation.

Foot in Hand

FOOT in HAND works to create positive changes in peoples lives and in British Dance.

Peter Tells Lies

Peter Tells Lies create pieces which focus on characterisation, humanity, imagery and the bizarre, taking on elaborate research processes to find different outcomes for our ideas.

Shapeshifter Productions Ltd

Shapeshifter Productions was formed by Alison Jones to provide an official home for original work which combines multi-art forms and artists to tell ancient and modern stories, exploring outdoor performance through music and movement-incorporating dance, circus, martial arts, projection and voice.


Strandlooper, has been a sole trader since 2001.

White Rabbit

White Rabbit is a new company whose emphasis is on storytelling, encouraging new writers, and exploring the stories of the communities in which we work.

The Sonic Manipulator

I call myself The Sonic Manipulator and I dress up in a space suit and helmet (with lots of cool lights) and make very interesting music from a selection of musical instruments I have invented

Chol Theatre

Chol Theatre is a contemporary theatre company based at the Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield.

Chol creates dynamic participatory theatre and performance projects. Our work covers history, memory, politics, community and meanings of home.


A circus and physical clown show.A large cube opens. An eccentric and a Dj on scene, laughs and gags will not stop. We will travel from a rock concert to a boxing match or a love disappointment… Humor, balloons, hands stand, hula hops, explosions, music, sound and much more. Sensitive, emotional, original, and very funny!
A circus and modern clown show. Street or inside.

Perfect Pitch Productions

Lee Hayes is an outdoor performer extraordinaire, with 25 years international experience in interactive comedy, and event organization

Grace in Flame

A performance group offering the very best in choreographed and walk-around belly dance and fire performance (poi, staff, hula hoop, fans, weapons skills.)


a company that makes humour performance / theatre in a caravan for street festivals.