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Bassline Circus

Bassline Circus produces and tours live electronic music based contemporary circus shows in its gorgeous big top.

Creature Feature Productions

Creative Feature Productions offer comic mask and stilt entertainment.

Heir of Insanity

Heir of Insanity…
Now celebrating their 11th successful year the acrobatic and aerial company.
Heir of Insanity fuse the skills of circus with the harmony of dance and expression of theatre.

Grand Theatre of Lemmings

The Grand Theatre of Lemmings mix cabaret, comedy and characters to produce static shows that are original and extremely funny.


HOODWINK combines indoor and outdoor touring in the UK and abroad with site specific and participatory performance projects.

Orkestra del Sol

Since 2004, Orkestra del Sol’s explosive reinvention of global brass music, enhanced with humourous characters has captured imaginations across continents.

Long Arms

Like something from a surrealist nightmare, these Long-Arm weirdo`s really aren`t easy to categorise. They`re 4 lost souls reaching out who just want to be hugged.

TV Heads

Bizarre walkabout characters; part man, part telly. Funny thing is, thanks to a camera mounted on the TV, what you see on-screen is yourself. Very puzzling indeed.

Ostrich Jockeys

Ostrich Jockeys is a very funny walkabout show.


He’s big, he`s bad, he`s born again for 2005. At 9′ tall and 6′ wide, this jointed mechanical construction is a most cuddly and popular character


Amazing giant robots in disguise. Visually stunning and sculpted from colourful high-density foam; bristling with weaponry!


Make way for fifteen foot of verdigris and feathers. With their imperious gait and animated heads and beaks these towering birds make a stir wherever they go.

The Workers

Inspired by Soviet Realist imagery, these burnished bronze statues are a celebration of the worker.

Cirque Bijou

Cirque Bijou are one of Europe’s most creative and diverse event and performance production companies, producing shows, festival programmes and events for clients throughout the world.

Puppetual Motion

International aerial artists Tammi and Nikki present a wide variety of visually stunning aerial acts that will create a unique and memorable highlight to your event.


The Baghdaddies pump out an eclectic fusion of rhythms and melodies plucked from around the world that are guaranteed to raise your spirits!

Steve Cousins

Entertainer and variety compere, Steve creates performances and educational interactives in a range of settings.

Possibly Australia’s most famous unknown entity.


A highly technical contemporary juggling performance with electronic music