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Edinburgh Performers

High calibre circus artists and entertainers. Edinburgh Performers provides stunning acts to clients across the UK and abroad.

Provisional Danza

Provisional Danza prove there is poetry and magic to be found on every street corner.

Company Fierce

Company Fierce Academy (CFA) works are developed under the artistic vision of Darren Pritchard. CFA professional projects have toured England?s outdoor festivals, UK and European theatres and have been seen on TV in advertisement?s and various music videos.


Circii (pronounced sirk eye) – Specialising in the middle-bit where circus skills, choreography, and comedic physical theatre collide.


A passionate show about love, tango and fire.

Juggling Inferno

Bringing together the skills some of the finest fire performers – a smile on their face and fire in their bellies.

Boom Dang

Boom Dang is an internationally acclaimed, unique and innovative side-ways drumming band. Performing with choreography, vocals, tuned percussion and costume, Boom Dang perform an original mix of Drum & Bass, Bhangra, Hip-Hop, Latin, Afro-Beat, Merengue and Moroccan Trance. They WOW audiences where-ever they go with their heady mix of live beats, high energy moves and big sound.


The Eklektika dancers make their way across the city using pedestrian crossings to mark their route, waiting in stillness for the green man to light up and give the signal to perform.

Hofesh Shechter Company

Young and urban and very much in Shechter’s own world of fluid movement and complex dance sequences this highly charged work, set to a throbbing percussive score composed by Shechter himself, leaves audiences buzzing.

Liz Lea

Liz Lea specialises in the field of contemporary South Asian dance and is based between London and Sydney.

Kingsize Five

Critically acclaimed, genre straddling outfit with big ego’s and big stage presence.

Wendy Meadley

Beautiful, colourful dramatic flags dress the whole festival or be a piece in their own right.

Circle of Trust

The Circle of Trust is a collective of street hip-hop artists who have been developing original and dynamic work for four years.


Playful Theatre in Unusual Places

Lingua Franca World Music Agency

Various Artistes perform a variety of musical disciplines and styles from different cultures.

Larkin’ About

Larkin about create original and well-crafted interactive comic characters.

Paprika Balkanicus

an electrifying show of fantastic musicianship and irresistible tunes makes every one sing, dance and call for more!


A spontaneous masterpiece of comic participation.