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The Zen Hussies

Zen Hussies are a highly visual and energetic street music band who play original & traditional material in the dixieland jazz, tango, klezmer, ska and rhythm and blues genres.


Take a Dash of Circus Skills. Pour over a double measure of Dance. Add Lashings of Comedy. Garnish With Style. Serve with love.

Theatre of Adventure

The focus of Theatre of Adventure’s work is the journey of the audience. Our performance work is highly visual, often musical ? and very comical.

Horse and Bamboo

Horse + Bamboo is one of Europe?s leading visual theatre companies that creates high-quality and original theatre, using masks, mime, animation, puppetry and music.

Niels Duinker

Niels Duinker is one of the hottest new professional jugglers today. His show is a combination of top notch juggling, performance, and youthful enthusiasm.

The two biggest newspapers in his country called him ?Hilarious? (Algemeen Dagblad) and a ?Juggling Wonder? (de Telegraaf).

Red Earth

RED EARTH is an artist-led group creating site-specific installations and performances in the landscape. Cross art-form work informed by project-specific R&D.

Frenetic Engineering

Frenetic Engineering are a dynamic, internationally acclaimed circus and theatre performance company based in the UK.


A passionate, magical musical journey through the Balkans – wild rhythms to get you on your feet and tender melodies to melt your heart!

Drew Hewett

Fantastiko specialises in original and visual performance from Knights on electric horses and colourful stilt dancers to theatrical aerial performances off cranes. We now even have an electric 14 foot pirate ship that glides along (on land).

daemon or doppelganger

Daemon or Doppelganger create an unusual and popular mixture of participatory workshop and installation/exhibition.

Arch In The Sky

International performer of aerial and acrobatic acts.


We present showcase performances -Solo/Group in classical/Fusion; workshops or lec-dems on Indian Art Appreciation.

Bassline Circus

Bassline Circus produces and tours live electronic music based contemporary circus shows in its gorgeous big top.

Creature Feature Productions

Creative Feature Productions offer comic mask and stilt entertainment.

Grand Theatre of Lemmings

The Grand Theatre of Lemmings mix cabaret, comedy and characters to produce static shows that are original and extremely funny.

Long Arms

Like something from a surrealist nightmare, these Long-Arm weirdo`s really aren`t easy to categorise. They`re 4 lost souls reaching out who just want to be hugged.

TV Heads

Bizarre walkabout characters; part man, part telly. Funny thing is, thanks to a camera mounted on the TV, what you see on-screen is yourself. Very puzzling indeed.

Ostrich Jockeys

Ostrich Jockeys is a very funny walkabout show.