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The Fairly Famous Family

Three brilliant street shows!

Horace X

Flourescent danceband, playing a rampant mix of Irish and Indian Fiddles, jazzy sax, ragga ranting, samples and drumming at a breakneck speed.

Mischief La-Bas

Mischief La-Bas has evolved from small-scale interventionist activity to an organisation capable of presenting large-scale international collaborative work. The company is recognised as a principle provider of outdoor work in Scotland.

Monkey Business

A performance, for one person at a time, that invites the viewer to engage with a cominc character created through optical illusion.

Wired Aerial Theatre

Wired Aerial Theatre is known for it’s use of breathtaking ‘bungee-assisted dance’ techniques.

Mironoff show

MIRONOFF SHOW- is the interactive comedy show for circuses, amusement parks, cruises, wedding parties, children’s birthday parties, hotels, street performances, Christmas celebrations and events all over the world

Black Jambo Acrobats

Acrobatic Act

Les Goulus

A ten year-old company well known for it’s for its walking acts.

Alan Doherty

Portrait and landscape painter producing semi-abstract work using mixed media.


A spectacular outdoor pyro-circus show that features acrobatics and a dazzling array of fireworks. Ignite! is the perfect finale for festivals, large corporate events and very exclusive parties!

The Magic Tree Theatre Company

The Magic Oak Tree is eight feet tall and 400 years old (if it?s memory serves it right) and has many animals living in and around it.

Micmac Cie

Burlesque street show about Scotland

Cheche Group

A seven member East African dance group.

Theatre En Vol

An international street theatre company providing outdoor performances with mobile theatrical machines.

Joseph Peace – Fire Stunt Spectacular

Joseph Peace presents his amazing Fire Stunt Spectacular!

Circus Zapparelli

Danny Zapparelli’s Uni-Bike Show includes: magic, plate spinning, fire juggling, balloons and audience participation. A show that keeps big crowds on the edge of their seats.

Environmental Theatre Unlimited

Albatross is a large scale theatre show combining physical performance with live music to create an outdoor theatre of visual poetry.


Specialists in spectacular theatre, Artizani is one of Europes most stylish and stunning street acts: combining traditional circus skills with a vaudevillian repertoire of routines.