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Voyages Extraordinaires

Voyages-Extraordinaires are actors, clowns, stilts-walkers, mimes, acrobats, tightrope-walkers, circus performers, musicians. Everyone with his own journey, everyone various and extraordinary.

Compagnie 2.1

Four artists, united for fun. Four fools launched for a 50 minutes, generating lively show!

Menzo Menjunjes

Clown, street performer, writer, cultural agent was borned in the mid- 80 at the age of 0 years in Buenos Aires. Creative,…


Gravity is a mistake …
Omnivolant – the art of circus on flying trapeze.

Full House Theatre

Children’s theatre champions Full House have an enviable reputation for creating playful and innovative work for children and their families.


Gozart uses puppetry to bring people together, build community and make change.
We specialise in giant puppetry, mask, and street art to create highly participatory, issue-oriented, outdoor theater that is accessible to all.
Gozart uses art as a vehicle for community building and education, to promote cultural diversity.

Teatro dei Venti

The theatre company “Teatro dei Venti” was born in 2005 in Modena (Italy) as a theatre research group.

Theater Pikante

Theater Pikante offers humorous walkabouts à la carte.

Les Foutoukours

Les Foutoukours work on original and creative scenic performances since 1997.

Janine Harrington

Colourful and playful interactive dance works that place the audience in the position of player or gamer.


LAST NEWS: Best Basque Street Show at Umore Azoka 2017.
Ertza is the dance /dance-theatre company created in the basque country by the choreographer Asier Zabaleta after years worinkg in Switzerland and other countries.

Batch Gueye Band

Batch Gueye Band brings the traditional, energetic Baye Fall music and dance from Senegal, West Africa to Europe – a guaranteed energetic live performance!

Louxor Spectacle

Founded in 1996, based in Lyon, FRANCE – Cie Louxor works today to create performances in public space which now extends also to the water.

Stalker Teatro

performance art group

Captain Boomer Collective

Captain boomer is not a practical joker, nor is he a fool. But he is determinedly original and has a vague and modest idea of himself as a legendary figure.

London Gay Big Band

The UK’s top LGBT Jazz Orchestra, bringing modern Big Band sound back to life.

Ockham’s Razor

Award winning Ockham’s Razor specialise in creating physical theatre on new pieces of circus equipment, drawing upon the relationships, conflicts and emotions naturally inherent in circus to create visually striking and moving theatre.


An acrobatic-dance company, based in Leeds (UK), creating performances for unconventional spaces and outdoors.