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Compañía de Teatro y Música dedicada al reciclaje artístico sonoro

La La La Productions

Wales’ only bilingual Street Theatre Company to date. La La La are constantly creating new and wonderful worlds with fun characters.


TinCanCompany have a unique aesthetic and razor-sharp timing. They climb the Chinese pole, walk the slack rope and breathe life into everyday objects with a daredevil, heart-warming humour. They tell stories without words; wryly imaginative with some surprising points to make. TinCanCompany were formed by Rune Vadstrøm Andersen and Gry Lambertsen in 2006.

Duo Peruna

Hand to Hand


Using live performance and filmmaking as their primary mediums, TrashDollys combines breath-taking and expressive physicality with imaginative story-telling.

Instant Dissidence

Instant Dissidence is a Bradford-based company directed by Rita Marcalo: her way of bringing different artists to realise different ideas.

Southpaw Dance Company

Southpaw Dance Company, under the artistic direction of choreographer Robby Graham, create work within hip hop dance theatre that has been called, “… witty, hard‐edged, sure in focus, and sizzling in energy” (Clement Crisp, Financial Times).

CREW_Eric Joris

CREW is a Brussels-based performance group, initiated by Eric Joris.

Compagnie Oposito

At a time when society cultivates the notion of « every man for himself » and is constantly searching for a hero…


Barolosolo Company – aquatic and musical circus shows

DavidMoreno & cie

Pianist and composer, an eclectic artist searching for inspiration beyond music in theatre, dance, cinema and the plastic arts,


15ft6 is a Belgian based circus collective specialised in russian bar, tweeter board and Chinese pole.

The Human Hedges – Hilarious Hedge Men Entertainers

Hilarious Hedge Men Living Tree Entertainment – you’ll never look at your own bush the same way again!

Vamos Theatre

Vamos Theatre is the UKs leading professional full mask theatre company, creating Walkabout performance since its inception in 2006.

The Shenanigans

Bringing mayhem and madness wherever they wander, the Shenanigans are a crazy troop of fools hell bent on entertaining YOU!!!


PasParTouT wants to divert, raise to laugh and to surprise, as well as to change the perspective and to touch. They have been invited to more than 30 different countries.


Tutatis Producciones Teatrales S.L is a Catalan enterprise with a large experience, 26 years old, into the ambit of scenic arts, specialized in production and distribution of events, theatrical plays, street shows and concerts.

Steelasophical Steel Band

We bring the Caribbean to you – Steelasophical is a UK based leading provider of Live Caribbean musical entertainment