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Mimbre create nuanced, breathtaking and highly-skilled acrobatic theatre. We use circus and dance innovatively as a physical language to illuminate human connections…

Oliveira & Bachtler

The Work Oliveira & Bachtler create work rooted in human nature, generating a unique and multi-faceted physical language supported by circus, theatre…

Bird Rave

Bird Rave sees a team of live artists interpreting bird movements in an interactive “dancefloor ornithology” performance to classic “rave” music. A…

Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone are Janitors of the Ridiculous & Purveyors of whimsical contraptions, giant puppets, mechanical beasts and other feasts of the imagination.

Bash Street Theatre

Bash Street Theatre is a small independent touring company founded 30 years ago by partners Simon Pullum and JoJo Pickering. Based in…

The Dance WE Made

The Dance WE Made is a record breaking interactive dance performance that invites you to be the choreographer – no experience required!

Casson & Friends

C&F create unique, accessible, interactive and joyful performances.

“The Dance WE Made brings dance to the public in wonderful new ways.” New York Times


PREPPERS: The Show is a thought provoking, timely and intimate duet that asks: are we truly prepared? It can be presented outdoors, indoors and off-grid.

TILT Festival

TILT, Birmingham’s only Aerial and Physical Theatre Festival, is back for its 6th year in the city with an adapted brand-new HYBRID…


Anna doesn’t like the bugs in her garden, she likes things to keep things clean and tidy. But her world is turned…


BONDED, explores the construct of human dependency – especially that of siblings – and how time and external conditions can affect the…

Alleyne Dance

Alleyne Dance is a UK based company with an international reach. Founded in 2014 by award- winning dancers Kristina and Sadé Alleyne,…


An all-femxle show about pre-raphaelite muse Jane Morris. Weird & picturesque, our 4 Janes will mesmerise the whole family w/costume, dance & pomegranat

Drumming in the Hall of the Mountain

On a planet from another time and space there lived a fictional humanity that failed to respond to their environmental crisis. Four…

Le Grand Continental

Hundreds of dancers of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities dance as one in the most epic contemporary line dance ever imagined.


First came Rhapsodie, a performance event inspired by the ritual of dance and imagined by Sylvain Émard as a piece for 20…

Radio Neighbourhood – Outdoor Dance Drama

Where is home? “Radio Neighbourhood” – outdoor dance drama about displacement and post-humanism, slipping in East Asian stories.


This production is the third part of a trilogy dedicated to the relationship between reality and fiction. The first show of the…