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Vortex Creates

VORTEX Creates are Producers of

BK Compagnie

BK Compagnie defends a unique vision of street performing arts, by researching, developing and creating projects that are mainly based on body and urban space…


Los2play perform the kind of circus where there’s only room for sculptured bodies and perfect movement.
A mix of crobatics, juggling balances and humor…great humor!


Improvising..playing.. searching for laughter, complicity, emotion…
Leandre is one of our best international contemporany clowns.

Fabio Zaganelli

Fabius one-man show is a juggler, equilibrist, comedian, and fireshow. Very intense and funny performer for a unique act

OTTER Produces

OTTER Produces is the new production company, specialising but not limited to, the creation of unique, interactive, puzzle-style street theatre shows. Hosted by the black and white striped OTTER, the crowd pleasing Coin-Operated Artist has delighted the public young and old all over the UK this Summer 2013 and is set to continue in 2014.

World Walker

Huge stilt walking characters that create sound light and atmosphere as a story based arena show or an interactive walkabout.

Lucid Incident

Lucid Incident is a company that makes high quality outdoor performance with an integral participatory aspect.


Clown and Magic with unique personality

Amer & Àfrica Circ. Cia

We are Amer and Africa and we play with balance, imbalance and rebalancing through the circus.

Casson & Friends

‘Casson & Friends’ are a record-breaking dance theatre company that exist to ‘bring the joy of dance into the everyday’!

Dudu & Cia.

A clown with a child’s soul that captivates for his ingenuity and insight.


Shoot your own chips with the potato canon of the ChipsCowboys.


Macnas is an internationally acclaimed performance and spectacle company based in an old pram factory in Galway city, Ireland.


Contemporary dance creators… sharing experiences of human nature, triggering questions of what we are and the world we live in.

Eric MacLennan

Scottish theatre maker – makes bold, cutting-edge work with a clear focus on its audience, challenging, provocative but always entertaining.

Draw & Code

Hi, we are Draw & Code, a team of talented artists, illustrators, animators and programmers based in Liverpool. Our multi-discipline creative studio has worked on everything from multi-media theatre to augmented reality apps. We are specialists in both projected video and animation for live performance.


Insectotròpics is an artistic collective experimenting by fusing and interacting between video, painting, music and theatre to create multidisciplinary performances.