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Il Cataldo

Il Cataldo creates original indoor/outdoor performances that explore the boundary between circus and theatre through slackrope, improvisation, comedy and clown.


An Inventive Street and Outdoor Theatre Company.
Initially funded by Arts Council England. Circadian works with a variety of different artists, pyrotechnicians, musicians and performers to create exciting original outdoor theatre

The Magic Van

The Magic Van is a magic comedy show inside an amazing little Cafe Theater

Promenade Promotions

Promenade Promotions Ltd specialises in promoting and preserving the art of British popular entertainment through the delivery of acts, projects, workshops, consultancy and research.

Whether you are interested in booking an act, commissioning a project or exploring performance history, Promenade Promotions Ltd delivers you a high quality, accessible entertainment or project every time


Ramshacklicious Theatre Company makes collaboratively devised theatre with the audiences’ experience at the centre.

Tandava Kalari

Tandava Kalari offers performance and worrkshops of fire and shadow inspired by kalaripayattu, the oldest martial art in India

Steel Harmony Steel Band

Fusion is their inspiration; spicing up arrangements in their own inimitable style, whilst demonstrating the versatility of the pans


Oddlings develops and performs theatrical acrobatic acts.


Cocoloco excels in everything from Glimpse Theatre’ to Vaudeville on the Street to Cabaret and Hardcore Experimental Theatre. We direct large outdoor and indoor shows and site specific work.

Erva Daninha

Portuguese Contemporary Circus Company

Les Commandos Percu

Energy in motion.

For more than 20 years the team has travelled the world with its innovative percussion work and specific knowledge about fireworks.

Stilt Batteristas

Drumming group who perform on stilts.

Heels Over Head Dance Theatre

Versatile performer, Agathe trained in Contemporary Dance.
She is also a talented actress and singer.

Kate & Pasi

Kate and Pasi are circus artists from Finland. In their newest street show they are combining hand to hand acrobatic, foot juggling and juggling.

Garlic Theatre

Garlic Theatre is an international award winning puppet Company which tours extensively in the UK and has played in 15 countries around the world.

What’s Coming out of the Box

What’s Coming out of the Box? is a production company creating innovative and exciting performances & engaging with audiences in playful and unusual ways.

Impermanence Dance Theatre

Impermanence Dance Theatre aims to make work of the highest quality that is rooted in socially engaged practice. We are committed to using art as a vehicle to support people in their daily lives, and to producing inspirational theatre.

Vaiven Circo

Vaiven Circo, from Spain, is a company working in the field of Circus, Dance and Physical Theatre.