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DROM is a company working 25 years in culture around the world. Based in Barcelona, focused in global culture projects in street arts theater, dance, circus and music.


Presenting and producing the best new music and sound events

Catalan Arts

Supporting the internationalization of the Arts from Catalonia. Catalan Arts/ ICEC is a development agency for the Arts made in Catalonia, in the frame of the Culture Department of the Catalan Government.


BASA is a translocal rural art network. Basa is based in the western Pyrenees (Basque Country, Bearn, Aragon). BASA supports and produces creative art practice in rural contexts and in relation to rural issues. Basa wishes to work in partnership with other creative organisations set in rural areas and enable artist exchanges and translocal crossovers on common issues and practice.

Shapeshifter Productions

Shapeshifter Productions is a performing arts organisation based in London Borough Waltham Forest. The charity currently has two main areas of work: presentation of high quality productions of original theatrical and musical cross art forms and high quality participatory community programmes working with older people and amateur musicians.

Sideways Arts

We produce site specific and tailor made outdoor theatre and circus projects for one off events, festivals and for touring.

Whirligig Arts Management

Whirligig Arts Management is promoting circus, dance and physical theatre companies in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Regent Music Agency

International Contemporary Music Agency

City of London Festival

Animating the City with world-class arts


International festival and showcase of street arts in Kendal, Cumbria

Norwich City Council

Local authority delivering up to 70 outdoor events to general public.

Norwich City Council

Local authority delivering up to 70 outdoor events to general public.

Arts Development Service, Salford City Council

Supports arts activity and practitioners from and working in Salford.

Emily Coleman

Emily is an Independent Producer supporting a number of artists to develop and tour nationally and internationally. She has previously worked with Bootworks Theatre Company, Hannah Jane Walker and Chris Thorpe as well as a number of venues in the South East.

Fool’s Paradise

We specialise in providing all scales of events with quality contemporary outdoor performance, cabaret and installations.

Chester Performs

“Chester Performs” job is to drive the development of the performing arts in and around Chester.

Theatre Bristol


Arts Council England