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Immersive choreography for parks & woodlands, weaving choreography, Land Art and ecology to experience natural & interconnected paths of branching f

Vanessa Grasse

Dance & multidisciplinary artist specialised in the crossover between choreography, walking-art and installation, offering embodied engagement in public spa


AVAILABLE FOR TOURING MAY-OCTOBER 2022 Joss Arnott Dance present PULSE!, a brand-new dance and live music experience created for the streets. Performed…

Studio Stefan Jovanović

Studio Stefan Jovanović is a multi-disciplinary performing arts and architecture company led by architect and choreographer Stefan Jovanović. Their productions create neo-mythical…

The Cilia Dance

The Cilia Dance is a socially distanced, participatory performance, co-creating a movement dialogue about moving around towns/cities. The show will be developed…

The Bicycle Ballet Co

The Bicycle Ballet Co is a unique arts company, led by Artistic Director Karen Poley. We work across art forms; sport, health…

A Graceful Act of Stupidity

Join our two flight attendants as they take you on a journey that slips seamlessly between the everyday and the poetic. Brace…


Upswing is a leading, award-winning, contemporary circus company based in the UK. Recognised as the storytelling circus company, Upswing interweaves aerial, theatre,…


Mimbre’s outdoor production Lifted is a collection of funny, poetic and surprising moments, which explore in different ways what it means when…

To Untouch

To Untouch is a live performance exploring new and different ways of keeping physical connections and complicity between each other, when the…

Whispered Tales

These Stories are passed from generation to generation from far off lands to our local neighbourhood, they shape our souls, our outlook our vocation.

Distant Drums

No matter what the crisis
Whether Famine war or virus

The vibrations of my rhythm
Will be forever timeless

The power that I’m giving
Can never be controlled


Timeless is Joli Vyann’s new spectacular medium to large scale outdoor touring show featuring an interactive 7 metre high, free standing, rotating…

Company Chameleon

Company Chameleon makes original, inspiring dance theatre in Manchester, and perform across the UK and the world.

The Recovery Poems

Emergency Exit Arts (EEA) presents the Recovery Poems. How do we commemorate what’s been lost as we start to take tentative steps to coming out of lockdown?

Stopgap Dance Company

Stopgap creates vibrant dance works that make visible the potent alchemy of diversity and the power it has to dismantle prejudice against disabled people.


Striking dancers collide in an uplifting dance riot set to an exclusive art rock soundtrack by Moulettes. A punkish celebration of individuality.


Orbis is a dark contemporary ritual honouring the relationship between humankind & Earth’s permanent natural satellite: the Moon.
1st piece of the Moon tryptic