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Do What Ya Mama Told Ya!

A feast of food fusion across geography and generations, in this vibrant street theatre, comedy circus show! International contemporary circus artist Blaze…


There are times in our life that events present themselves without knocking at the door, forcing us to make decisions, to make…

The Other Side

The Other Side is about our consumerism and as humans, our desire for more. The Other Side is a highly physical outdoor…

Whispered Tales

Whispered Tales creates projects that shine a light on forgotten stories and sites. We love creating, audio trails, bespoke performances and installations.

Distant Drums

Distant Drums is a dynamic performance and installation that shares the story of Sound System culture and its role in the fight for racial equality

Fame Game

Fame Game is a new immersive outdoor adventure game. Solve the mystery and be the real star of this escape hunt.

Clown Spirit

Clown Spirit brings together clowning, circus, live music, puppetry and physical theatre to create intimate, relevant and absorbing theatrical events. Their most…

The Visionary

A faith free, mystic, psychic, sorcerer, street prophet. A magical, funny, dramatic & thought-provoking show aimed at encouraging respect for diverse perspectives….


I will make a static work for outdoor festivals & shortlisted for Unlimited main commission R&D April – Sept 2021; Production &…

Rinkoo Barpaga

Rinkoo Barpaga is an artist of the now, with awards from Arts Council England to develop his practice. The American Comedy Institute,…

Falconry Dismay

Experience the breath-taking display of these majestic Birds of Prey, featuring a range of birds including Vultures, Falcons and Owls. Lead by…

Dizzy O’Dare

Dizzy O’Dare Presents…was shortlisted for Jeunnes Talent Cirque Europe (JTCE) in 2010, and since then has produced a range of work from…


Animalia,Inc Team arrives in town. While the biologists develop their tasks at the Camp, we see that something is making the animals worry. Can they trust these


The taxi is a purpose-built two-people push pram with no steering, brakes nor engine. It can only be pushed by the taxi…

Mutant Insect Hunt – What happens when evolution meets pollution?

The audience is encouraged to find and classify these new mutant insects that have been spotted in the local area. Small booklets…

Enchanted Garden

An outdoor installation of giant mushrooms and larger-than-life flowers that will turn a corner of gardens/parks/woodlands into an enchanted garden, where people…

Woven Land

A participatory audio guided choreography for parks and woodlands. A poetic journey of ecological and social interconnectivity.

Miss High Leg Kick

Francesca Baglione (Miss High Leg Kick) is an established live artist whose work uses collaboration and unusual approaches to audience engagement to…