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Gisele Edwards

Gisele Edwards is an experienced award winning performer and aerialist of 15 years.

The Belles of London City

Morris for the 21st Century! An all-female morris side dancing traditional Cotswald Morris.

The Loo Lady

Professional eccentric, talking shit that matters!

Periscope Workshops

First designed and created for the Manchester Science Festival 2016, the Periscope Workshop offers an interactive and educational format for children (and…

The Naughty Christmas Tree

The Naughty Christmas tree does not want to be decorated and would instead rather play silly games, like hide and seek. This…


Sense-O-Matic is a walkabout, much-talked-about, splendorous, spectacular, scientific discovery machine! Same Difference’s Victorian-inspired invention is a fantastical object, created by eccentric technologists…

Flagrant Délire

Urban free-runner Tony Thich leaps and turns through à multi-level stage set in vertiginous movements, carried by Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons. An…

Cie Yann Lheureux

The Yann Lheureux Company is a contemporary dance company performing indoor and outdoor.


After a year of incredible election results, streams of political rhetoric, and fanatical posturing Mr and Mrs Clark explore the body postures,…

Mr and Mrs Clark

Mr and Mrs Clark make performances that entertain, challenge your senses and make you think.


Transhumance is the seasonal migration of herds in search of fresh pasture depending on the time of year: mountain pastures in summer…


The theater Company Xip Xap we offer all kinds of shows and for all audiences: animation shows for children, foam shows, puppet shows, parades, special events and text shows for children and grown-ups.

Snuff Puppets

Come play with Everybody’s giant body parts.

Sur Mesure

A collective consisting of musicians, instrument manufacturers, woodworkers and circus artists
come together to inspire and support new and innovative creations.

HH Producties

HH Producties acts on behalf of (inter) national theatre, street theatre and circus groups and offers programming and consultancy services to festival organisers.

Companyia LA TAL

Company of street theater and clown founded in 1986. His shows have been represented throughout the European territory, some countries of South America, Turkey, Israel, Japan, Australia, Taiwan …

The Sales Pitch

Gary has a wandering eye and a panic fear of his wife catching him, whilst Pel, the floating kitchen knife wife is…

A view from the bridge

Dockworker Eddie Carbone takes two illegal countrymen in his house. Everything goes well, until one of them gets involved with his niece….