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Funny Peculiar

Funny Peculiar is an alternative guided tour, which investigates and celebrates eccentrics and the notion of eccentricity. The show was originally made…

de Roovers

de Roovers is an Antwerp-based theatre group of four performers/creators. They never work with a director, each creative process is a collective…

The egg

The egg is the centre for innovation, creativity and young people at the heart of Theatre Royal Bath

Creative Group SUM BI

Creative Group SUM BI’ is a group of professional performance artists.


A Heartwarming Hour for You, Who is Fragile As Paper! ‘Community Performance’ performed by Citizens of UK, Spain, Russia, Korea and the…


‘CCOT’ is the Korean performing troupe, exploring the depths of life through integrating visual arts and performance.

Flossy and Boo

In 2014, Flossy and Boo was formed with an ambition and vision to create innovative work that looked at the world from an unconventional point of view.

Polar Night

‘Polar Night’ is a filmic performance where the enigmatic nature plays the leading role. During the winter of 2014, five artists withdrew…


PAKMAN lives faster than a mouse can click. Drives around the country to deliver packages – always precisely on time. 1 package,…

Post uit Hessdalen

The Belgian music-theatre company Post uit Hessdalen creates performances that balance on the edge of (circus)performance, theatre and visual arts.

The Sleepwalkers

“Des silhouettes géantes aux formes épurées se faufilent sans bruit parmi les spectateurs. Par des gestes lents, feutrés, elles s’animent et se…

Herbert’s Dream

They advance in the shadow, long white figures, on stilts, being draped by clothes, who seem to wait for any meeting. Appearing…

FierS à Cheval

Horses carved with large inflatable materials are put in motion by bold puppeteers in legendary costumes. An ambulation of images, a dream…

Compagnie des Quidams

Creation and touring of street shows, animations, events…
Several shows on tour, adaptable to every event.

People in Backpack

‘People in Backpack’ uses social issues and events that affect people’s lives and the environment as the content of
its performances. Its preferred performing tools include body movement, objects, mime and images, to tell stories in
a metaphorical way.

Bingo Lingo

Bingo Lingo is a fun game of chance harnessing the nations love for Bingo. Played on oversized Bingo cards it’s a chance…

Wild N Beets

Wild N Beets is the creation of artists Daryl Beeton and Nicola Miles-Wildin

In Vino Vitae

The plot of the spectacle takes place in the seventeenth-century town in southern Europe. The inhabitants are involved in winegrowing and wine…