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Brace Your Elves!

Santa’s little helpers are on the loose with their giant bobbin! They’ve been working hard all year and now these cheeky elves…


A new circus-sit-com set in a failing old fashioned boozer, our PUB landlord and landlady have a big decision to make. Go…

Lucky Shots

You are riding your bike and suddenly have to brake, flying ungraciously over the handlebars. You fall down the stairs carrying pots…


A breathtaking show combining aerial skills, visual theatre, a pulsating soundtrack and stunning projections, Depths of My Mind brings to life the…

Scarabeus Aerial Theatre

Scarabeus is a dynamic aerial theatre company, which since 1988 has pioneered the creation of site responsive and touring performances

Magie al Borgo

Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking the colourful festive roads, listening to laughs and music and enjoying traditional food. Just around…


Ambaradan is an artistic project born to explore comedy and arts, a mix of music, theatre and circus, performed indoor and outdoor.

Amy Amelia Arts

Professional contact juggler: corporate, international, outdoor arts, and circus style entertainment.

Che fa, concilia?

Don’t know where you are? Stuck in traffic? Can’t cross the road? Watch out, we’ve the only copper in the world who…

The Tamarros

Summon up that disco fever with a marching band dressed up with afro wigs, mirrored sunglasses, flared trousers and a rainbow of…


Ambaradan is an artistic project born to explore comedy and arts, a mix of music, theatre and circus, performed indoor and outdoor.


KALABAZI is the story of a young eccentric and polka dotted woman who has an hour to spare before leaving. On a…


Garbuix means mess in Catalan. Garbuix is a female quintette show composed of polyglot and energetic circus artists and clowns. No story,…

The Busking Project

We create stunning interactive maps for outdoor festivals that are embeddable on your website and easy to manage.

Cia Vavel

Company Vavel is composed of five female circus-clown performers from different countries, and based in Barcelona. “Garbuix” is their first show.

Jessica Arpin / Company Tita8lou

Company Tita8lou develops circus, theatre and clown shows since 2007, with performances for big tops, street festivals, cabarets and theatre stages.

Cia Anna Roca

Nanna and her partner are two imaginauts (pilots who explore the imagination)
who travel the world in a lorry to explain a secret. They park on all the town
squares they find to be able to share what they’re carrying in the cargo space of the
Anyone who wishes can come in and discover the world’s biggest pop-up
storybook ever.

Abigail Collins

Hula-hooping clown, acrobatic social provocateur and comedy envelope pusher who smashes the barrier between artist and public.