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A myth that comes from the Middle East, from the poem “The Conference of the Birds” a Farid al- Din” Attar’s Persian…

The Draaagon

A Dragon, a small town at the mercy of his power, victims, accomplices and a stranger knight who tries to defeat him….

Teatro dei Venti

The theatre company “Teatro dei Venti” was born in 2005 in Modena (Italy) as a theatre research group.

Forest ants in the city

Four forest ants are seized with a thirst for adventures, so they leave their ant colony and head for the city. Marching…

Theater Pikante

Theater Pikante offers humorous walkabouts à la carte.

Les Foutoukours

Les Foutoukours work on original and creative scenic performances since 1997.

Janine Harrington

Colourful and playful interactive dance works that place the audience in the position of player or gamer.

Paper Window

Genre : Live Animation with Interactive Performance / Non-verbal Space : Theater, Gallery, Outdoor and alternative spaces. Award : 2012 World Puppetry…

Meeting Point

Two boys coming from the same country but from cities really far from each other crossed an 8.000 km distance and several…


LAST NEWS: Best Basque Street Show at Umore Azoka 2017.
Ertza is the dance /dance-theatre company created in the basque country by the choreographer Asier Zabaleta after years worinkg in Switzerland and other countries.


In our modern world where the Internet and technology are evolving faster than we are, it is hard to keep pace. We…

The Aperitif

In preparation for their annual ball, Lord Gredus, has decided to offer some of the potential guests the chance to have a…

The Ball

Lord Monte and Lady Moneta Gredus cordially invite you to their annual ‘Family Ball’. An extravagant and exciting evening of pomp and…

Batch Gueye Band

Batch Gueye Band brings the traditional, energetic Baye Fall music and dance from Senegal, West Africa to Europe – a guaranteed energetic live performance!

Horloge mécanique

With a giant clock mechanism and impressive special effects, the actors are playing with the time in each city where they are…


The Louxor’s robot and the AIRCOMPAGNIE’s segways are looking for old children to play with them in your city’s streets, by day…

The Coloured Pencils

The installation represents an aquatic painting constitued by 12 pencils dispersed on the water moving in a slowly movment. In a world…


Vogue is a show between land and water, where the universes of theater, circus and dance get involved with the magic of…