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Boom Booms

A mischievous trio of voluptuous, curvaceous and vivacious Showgirls! Using clown, dance and improvisation, Boom Booms are always searching for the perfect…

South African Voices

Africa Entsha deliver a Cappella with attitude. Hailing from South Africa they offer songs in English and their native Zulu (‘entsha’ means…


Africa Entsha deliver a Cappella with attitude. Hailing from South Africa they offer songs in English and their native Zulu (‘entsha’ means new in Zulu) with an energy and optimism that is entertaining and infectious.

Hope Street Limited

Hope Street Ltd is an award-winning arts organisation with nearly 30 years’ experience of producing innovative, dynamic outdoor performance.

Street Theatre Scene Kaleidoscope from Cracow

Independent, professional collective of artists devoted to and fascinated by the idea of creating theatre and interdisciplinary activities in the street-outdoor space.


From prehistory to the present day through different eras and countries, the fire never stopped exercising its magical charm and impress men,…

Fille d’Hestia

This show is as contemplative as rythmic, it mixes dance-theater​, live music, mastery of fire, genders and generations… “Playing at the edge…

cie Mystica Salvaje (Mystique Sauvage)

Mystica Salvaje. Street show compagny.
Proposes Fire shows, Events, and musical meditative performances.

Vintage! Women! Variete!

An artistic journey to the time of the very first grand lady acrobats. Join us in our relentless, artistic, tragicomic journey! We…

Frau Vladusch – TrapezTanzTheater

With everyday scenes and a passion for detail Jana Korb under director Erica Ruhl tells a very personal tale. Daily rituals are…

Jana Korb

Jana Korb is an aerialist and performer, artist and producer of Narrative Circus and street theater. She works artistically and organisationally for the visibility of women in performing arts.


Every stormy evening, an old man, exiled for a long time, approaches the sea side. When the wind caresses his skin, he…

Cirque Rouages

Cirque Rouages Company is a French collective, created in 2007 and codirected by 9 artists, technicians, musicians and constructors. It defends a collective creation approach with mechanic scenography, circus movements, dance, mime or clown, and with the common desire of live music.

The 3 Suitcases

A beautiful little festival show about 3 quirky characters that meet by chance at a train station… Where is the train? Will…

The Admirable Admirals

AVAILABLE TO BOOK NOW! Wild and wacky walk-about characters Hoist the flag and shout Aye-aye! The Admirable Admirals are Rhubarb Theatre’s latest…

The Big Dippers

The Big Dippers AVAILABLE TO BOOK NOW! Summery, splashy, family street theatre! Sun, sand, seagulls and a magical beach hut? This is…

Sidney’s Shed

Sidney’s Shed A New Touring Theatre Show from Rhubarb for 2017/18 AVAILABLE TO BOOK NOW! Maisie is running from the bullies and…

Wheel Sensation

Our spectacular acrobatic performance include artistic show acts in:
German Wheel, Cyr Wheel, Aerial Silks and Ring.