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La Banshee

Theatre company dedicated to revealing and exploring hidden aspects of the world with a strong emphasis on the feminine.


Nanirossi is a Italian delightful duo, skilled in hand to hand balancing and jugglin. In their show technique and entertainment brought together…


Nanirossi was created in 2003 and is composed of two young artists: Matteo Mazzei and Elena Fresch, who both love circus and theater.


The story of circoPitanga is, like every story, a unique story. But what characterizes it perhaps the most is its multicultural background and various influences that give it both a diversified yet universal composition.

Compagnie En Plein Vol

We offer a unique style of trio acrobatics, combining spectacular acrobatics, comedy and elegance.

North – Art – Collective

North-Art-Collective is a new company, created by Baengditos theater, Hamburg, Tom Lanzki. Freecracy, our new and first show, have a look.


A mesmerising, morphing, living sculpture triptych, moving between spaces,adding live art to the public realm, exploring athleticism, cohesion and the dynamic body.

Short Ships

Fuelled by an atmospheric seafaring soundtrack, the ships use old fashioned charm and nautical naughtiness to seek the assistance of their audience,…

Little Cafe

A charming walkabout, reminiscent of Fawlty Towers, with illusive wine & a flying pizza combining live music, magic, puppetry mask & comedy….


Garry Gastropodus and Molly Moluscus are two snails competing in a ‘sprint’ to a finish line. The Two Snailathletes set up the…

The Snowmen

Frosty, Flakey and Funky are probably the only thing as big as Santa in the national Christmas circuit. The characters are inundated…

The Heron

The Heron is a friendly, gracious, eye catching bird that towers above the crowds but reaches down to create wonderful intimate interactions….


A driftwood boat has set sail across troublesome seas and is in search of a safe place to dock. The precious cargo…

(Fake) Acounter With a True Stranger

Welcome to the Safe Dating Agency. Discover without waiting any longer a new way to meet people. We offer you the opportunity…


Imagine that you are the victim of a heart attack. Don’t worry you are in safe hands. A new life is possible…


If your phone had a soul, it would know you better than your mother. Apparently, it would be called PROUST. You’ve always…

GK Collective

GK Collective is a theatrical research group founded in 2009 by Gabriella Cserhati. It develops a staging device called HiDDeN THeaTeR, which consists in introducing fiction into reality.

Leaving Normal

It’s a story coloured by absurd interactions and intriguing characters. A performance balancing on the edge of theater and dance, humor and…