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Wheel Sensation

Our spectacular acrobatic performance include artistic show acts in:
German Wheel, Cyr Wheel, Aerial Silks and Ring.

Lord Arts Management

Lord Arts Management is a Midlands based creative producing and project management company that offers bespoke arts management services for professional theatre and dance companies, arts organisations, venues and individual artists.

Hoop Mania

Hoop Mania is a large interactive installation for children and families to play, interact and relax within. The installation is made from…

Big Knitting

Big Knitting is an interactive installation which invites the audience to play, touch and experience the space that it creates. Knitted from…


Funny things can happen when two strangers meet – watch as they unravel a humorous story and bring others in on their…

Bodyguards – Protect and Serve

Bodyguards – Protect and Serve’ is a roaming interactive Street Theatre / Dance performance which can be adapted to fit virtually any…


infuseDANCE is a UK based dance company creating family friendly static and roaming performances and inspiring participatory projects.


Where does power comes from? Embracing our common humanity, Mr Banana is in a constant search for the abode of power. The…

Ahuma Productions

Where does power comes from?
Embracing our common humanity, Mr Banana is in a constant search for the abode of power.


Wendy Niklewicz and Juan Pablo Cozzani, two implacable artists who in 2013 joined their expertise in order to play with the tension,…

Ey Pacha! Excéntrico musical

Ey Pacha! Excéntrico Musical: An excellent and elegant chamber musician will give a concert. But it will be difficult, somewhat eccentric inside…


A clown and a dancer, a love to conquer, objects that come to life: these are the protagonists of Dreams a show…

Ey Pacha!

Ey Pacha! is second-generation clown and magician, firstborn son of Romina y Pachín. From an early age, he began studying piano with several teachers. He continued his musical studies at the National Higher Conservatory of Music Carlos Lopez Buchardo and at the Conservatory of Music Manuel de Falla. He promotes self-education, with which he learned to play lots of musical instruments, both traditional and alternative: guitar, accordion, banjo, trumpet, musical saw, beatbox, percussion spoons, instruments made out of garbage, circuit bending (hacking sound toys), and others.

The Actual Reality Arcade

Welcome to the Actual Reality Arcade, a life sized interactive game zone for all ages, inspired by classic arcade games. Pilot a…

Matthew Harrison

Matthew’s new work, The Actual Reality Arcade uses visual art to create a participatory installation; a life-sized interactive games zone based on…

Beatriz Churruca

We are a team of three women artists: Hrvoslava Brkušić, Croatian multimedia & sound artist; Deirdre Cartmill, N. Irish poet, and Beatriz Churruca, Basque visual artist & Performer.

Eddy Eighty

“We just have to go back and listen to what they told us in the 80’s.”


SORRISO How to write a love story, of a lasting love in time, filling a life till its twilight, and never ending…