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GK Collective

GK Collective is a theatrical research group founded in 2009 by Gabriella Cserhati. It develops a staging device called HiDDeN THeaTeR, which consists in introducing fiction into reality.

Leaving Normal

It’s a story coloured by absurd interactions and intriguing characters. A performance balancing on the edge of theater and dance, humor and…


Woest brings dance theater into public space, adding a touch of surrealism and a dash of absurdity.


With FREE WATT, the company 1Watt proposes to use its universe, its luggage’s , its jests, its findings and others invented as…


During 3 hours, the Nice work operating team will experiment possible and improbable uses of a public space They test the terrain…

Be Claude

There he is, a man washing a window. It’s Claude. Long, lanky body, brimming over with energy, he soaps, wipes, absorbs, cleans…

Perfect WOrking Order

Once a week he goes out of his house and his mind. Somewhere. In a square. He walks, moves, floats, shouts and…


1 WATT is a burlesque, absurd, surrealist company that is sometimes all of these at once, or none of these at all.

Ce qui m’est dû (what is owed to me)

What is owed to me? what do I owe and to who? What do I know about the world around me? Where…


Choreography for a group, a crowd and a territory. By Héloïse Desfarges, assisted by Antoine Raimondi, for the street. Created at the…

Rassemblement (Gathering)

Choreographic wandering for a neighborhood, in four routes and five meetings… What do those who have nothing to lose, when they meet…

The Debordante Company

The Debordante Company is a choreaphic company created by Heloise Desfarges in 2007, with the ambition to create shows both for theater and outdoor context.
The last creation were dedicated for outdoor spaces, like “Dispersion” and “Rassemblement”.

Spiderman is back in town

What is a Superhero ? What is the collective imagination ? An unlikely Spiderman,pathetic and defeated, is suspended at tens of centimeters…

Christmas Forever

Santa Claus is a saint. He is an old man. He is similar to God. He is a try-er. He is a…

Rubbish Rabbit

For years we have been making people laugh. To us this has always been the most beautiful thing that we could possibly…

Tony Clifton Circus

The Tony Clifton Circus would like to be a neon sign with colored bulbs flashing the signal of an unusual presence.
Created in Italy in 2001, the Tony Clifton Circus is now all around Europe with crazies, stranges, funnies or whatever kind of performances…

The Gramophones Theatre Company

All female theatre company based in Nottingham. We have a few different strands to our work (outdoor/indoor, small scale/medium scale, physical/text) but all the strands are united in telling stories about women.

Wheeze / Matt Marks and Parrabbola

Meet Wheeze, the organic organ, the vital organ, an
awkward orchestra.
Wheeze is an organ made from found materials.